Aunt Alice answers your travel queries

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  1. Jackie

    Dear Aunt Alice,

    My husband and I travel regularly with our two children. Our son loves being on the road, and is a very easy traveller. Our daughter, who is 14-years-old and has always been a difficult traveller, is now a complete nightmare to be with. She’s rude to us, sullen with others, won’t try new foods. We’re thinking of not going anywhere this year, simply because she makes it too difficult for us all.

    Please help.

    Jackie from Brisbane

  2. Alice

    Dear Jackie from Brisbane,

    You have my sympathies. I know what it’s like to have a child with an aversion to travel. For years my daughter was like an albatross around my neck. So when I finally went travelling full-time, I left her behind. With her father, who was a dull man. The most adventurous thing he ever did was buy a new suit. I occasionally missed my daughter, but I did not miss her whinging. She grew up, met a banker and now lives a quiet life, which suits her well.

    My advice is for you to leave your daughter at home. And if you don’t like your husband much, leave him there with her.

    Sincerely yours,

    Alice Winterbottom

  3. Angus

    Hi Aunt Alice,
    My mum always says ” You can’t lead a horse to water… “. What’s she trying to tell me?

  4. Actually Angus, you can lead a horse to water. You can also lead it to culture… but you can’t make it think. A bit like your mother… who seems a little confused.
    Sincerely yours,

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